Last Night I Dreamt Of Doomsday

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“We were all at the beach, it started as a regular dream. With Sandshovels and plastic buckets in the shapes of castles… Even the girls were there.”


I could do little more than listen as I had nothing to contribute.


“Having a swell time, gathering the cement like wet sand from the spot closer to the water, and carrying in back to be formed into a parapet, a rampart.”


He dragged on his cigarette so i took the opportunity to inhale mine as well, punctuating.


“That’s when we saw it. You didn’t even have to look skyward to see it. A flash preceded by a slight darkening. You could see it. And before you could hear it you could feel a slight tug in it’s direction, it created it’s own force of gravity it was that severe. As it detonated, the clouds became red, tinted by the fires. “


This time I did have something to say, but kept it to myself. The Doctor had always been mad, but now he was not in control.


“This was no ordinary Nuke, in my dream of doomsday. Perhaps in the tinkering with atoms, they unleashed something unanticipated, or at least as far from likely as they had reckoned. The thing exploded, sure enough, off in the horizon somewhere and of course we all stopped what we were doing, our day in paradise interrupted. It caught fire to the atmosphere, whatever it was, whether or not the men or mad gods who made it had intended. The sky which had turned red, now caught flame and the flame was spreading, in a wave of fire.”


I inhaled on the cigarette again, not to avoid speaking, this time, but because I needed it.


“It likely incinerated everything within a certain radius, but we weren’t so lucky, as we stood on the sand it became hotter and hotter, and we couldn’t stand on it anymore, and we started to flee. some of us it just got hotter and hotter, you could feel the flames as all the oxygen only fed the flames, and we couldn’t breathe.”


I looked at the doctor wide eyed, and I knew this was the pair of sunglasses that you could see through, so he saw my stare.


“I awoke drenched in sweat. My dog had been ling right next to me. It was making me hot.”



Blank Mirror (Or, I Couldn’t Come Up With A Title And It Sounded Pretty)

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“So, I come to this part of the country looking for love…ha!”




He’s 27 in his mid thirties and talks with an impediment that’s hard to place half-delinquent grown up, and half-yankee.







“What’s this world look like from the outside?”




Suddenly im the one being interviewed, it’s like he’s smarter than me because he can make me what to do. Every once i a while he’ll have a post-adhd outburst and do something with his hands, never stops bouncing his left leg….

Ballgag And Chain

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So, they want to buckle you down, and

make you feel guilty for not being so ready:

to turn it all in,

the cigarettes,

the swear words,

the hip clothes,

and coffee,

your signature acidic pearls


And go for the safe route:

the house,

the trees,


live out your days as a minion a means to and end for someone


no one remembers whom.


And at the end of the day it’s all worth it, if you:

toil hard enough,

and your meals are comforting enough,

and you stand in line long enough,

and don’t forget to save, save, save

for a retirement that’s most likely going to be boring as hell


There are a few of us, who foolishly believe there is more too it, despite being beaten to death with the very strong evidence to the contrary…


What are we left to hope for?


An Endless Carbon Monoxide Dream in the Two Car Garage.





what face should i wear

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Sometimes i wish

I could leave the house

With a different face


Dont get me wrong

My face is just fine

aged and wrinkled and

pretty as hell


I just wish certain people

wouldn’t know me anymore

or think they know me

because of the skin i wear





grateway to heaven

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You know the less and less i write the more i start to realize that it’s because of exsasperation. The rage against the machine has left me. And it’s not because i think all hope is lost or anything screwy like that. It’s just i see myself as more of one of those sane people standing in the gutters in your socks and talking about the presence -(or not)- of god. The brutality of daily life never fails to shock me still, after all these years. I get in my car and realize this is how they’re finally going to find me track me down this big, gaudy, dented, 26 mpg compact car. They’ll use it to finally reel me in it is my irony….capone got put away for tax evasion….me, it’ll be for driving my car without insurance….we all gotta go down somehow.





I Think I Hate Here

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Frome the muddy cake walks in the gutters to the abnormal sunshine i hate the very bones of this place anymore….


Chases you down and catches you in the most unwanted places gypsies swim in our pools….


And if they tried to take it away i’d then laugh and shudder


Hundred and eight they say but it feels breezier up here away from the pavement i hope no on ever finds their way in here where i have my stuff and crap


It’s not safe it never was out there that’s why subconsciously i try to keep alone….


But even in the doldrums of this big filthy place there’s a glimmer of weird fascination that keeps us staring up at the universe quietly fashioning our own doom….





….and Evelyn Actually Smiles….

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Halfway through the saturday film festivale of strictly grainy videocassette screenings of early Roman Polanski movies like the Tenant, Macbeth, Rosemary’s Baby perhaps, if a copy was available, and Chinatown …. anytime.


It was halfway through when she looked and the screen and said hey sure don’t make cheekbones like that anymore and I smiled, because always having had a thing for Faye Dunaway I was all too concerned with the cheekbones and the light came down through the blinds cascading down her own cheekbones saying all too much about the shape of them due to the striations caused by the blinds and the shadows it cast on her face….


Then later when I sprang myself it wasn’t too big of a surprise she was using the sheets as a tissue wiping tears out from her eyes and I looked back and said jumping into my dated sedan “it’s Chinatown, Jake…” and let it go.


By: Jake




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